The Clerk's Office consists of:

  • A municipal secretary
  • A municipal secretary adds
  • A human resources manager
  • A collaborator representatives 3.8 ETP ( full-time equivalent)
  • A trainee MPC
  • An apprentice  

The tasks inherent to this sector are the following ones:

Clerk's Office

  • Prepare the agendas of the sessions of Municipality
  • Draft the reports(fines) of the sessions of Municipality
  • Correspondences bound(connected) to the municipal decisions
  • Session of the department heads
  • Advance notice in the city council
  • Demonstrations(Appearances) and protocol
  • Intermunicipal relations
  • Management report
  • Management of the received mail
  • Expedition of the mail
  • Administrative support for the city council
  • Management of archives
  • Management of the wallet of the insurances
  • Services of direction
  • Collaboration ORPC, Armed and Health
  • Reception counter and telephones in association with the service to the population
  • Maintenance of registers and directories in association with the administrative police
  • External mandates

Human resources

  • Commitment of the staff
  • Management of the departures (including redeemed)
  • Management of the descriptions of function
  • Organization of the evaluation of the collaborators
  • Organization of the training (executives, collaborators, trainees and apprentices)
  • Management of the conflicts
  • Projected management of the collaborators


    • Public communication and Newspaper
    • Internal communication