Waste collection site

Reserved for people living in Payerne with the official pass. No access for company.


  • Here are the wastes you can deposit at the collection site (STEP) for free. Only recycled household waste are accepted.
  • Unofficial trash bags are forbidden.
  • Wood chips are available for people who lives in Payerne only within the limits of stock.

New macaroons of access to the municipal waste reception center of Payerne from July 1st, 2012

The Municipality decided to renew macaroons which allow the access to the located municipal waste reception center in the road of Grandcour. The new sesame distributed in the payernois households is self-adhesive and he must be stuck inside the windscreen of the vehicle (as the motorway tax stickers).

In case of change of vehicle or for a second car, the second macaroon, with a number of identical household, can be obtained at the price of F 5.-with the SPOP (Service to the Population), service situated in the City hall, 026 662 66 26. In case of definitive departure of Payerne, the macaroon must be put back to the same service.

The not motorized people have to come to exchange the self-adhesive macaroon for a bearer macaroon. The latter will allow them the access to the mini-waste reception center.

Controls will be made and any vehicle not having a macaroon stuck on its windscreen will see refusing the access to the waste reception center. It is reminded as well as the waste reception center is only reserved for the inhabitants of Payerne and as it is authorized to put down there only the recyclable household waste (see information-waste). It is besides forbidden to get back the put down objects, except authorization of the employee.

More ample information can be obtained with the service Infrastructures.

  • Fridges and freezers, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and PET can be deposited for free only if you can't bring them back to the shops.

  • Special household waste (toxic, chemical, pharmaceutical) are accepted.

  • Waste from industries, craft industries or professional activities can't be deposited at the waste collection point. (Penalty may imposed according to "Art. 6 et Annexe 2 du Règlement communal sur la collecte, le traitement et l’élimination des déchets"

  • Tyres are forbidden. Ask a garage. Find some useful address :

    • Discharges in Montagny-les-Monts, tel. 026 665 95 95, We+Fr, 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm (earth material)

    • Special waste, CRIDEC, Eclépens, tel. 021 866 03 00

    • Goutte Récupération RG SA, Sévaz, tel. 026 663 95 95

  • Significant volume of waste : please contact the collection point at least the day before (tel. 026 660 28 15).

  • Organic waste : only small quantity is accepted (less than 1 m3). Non-conforming waste can be refused. They have to be composted by a compost company (Vegetech SA, Avenches, tel. 026 675 21 22) 

  • Unauthorised waste or waste left in front on the gate may imposed a penalty.

  • The small waste collection site is reserved for non motorized and disable people. Hours : Monday from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm, Thursday 3.00 pm to 5.30 pm.

  • The waste collection site is strictly reserved for people from Payerne. The supervisor has authority to require the client's identity and official pass.

  • Plastic waste : only household plastic (separation into hard & soft plastics)

  • The supervisor is allowed to require the people's identity for failure to comply with the directives and denounce them.